Building Surveyor in Melbourne

MKT specialises in premium building surveying services for the Victorian building and property industries. We provide a range of advisory services throughout the building process, working as a close partner to our clients from project inception to completion.
Our customers come from all industries, from the commercial and residential property sectors, to the industrial, retail, sports, health, and education sectors.
Our service standard is reflected in our multi-sector experience, technical excellence, and effective communication skills. We maintain a proactive approach to communication in every project and work closely with all our clients to achieve outstanding design, efficiency, and safety outcomes for our clients. We understand the vital role of timely delivery to you, and our projects prioritise time management at every stage, from design, to foundation, and to completion.
Our goal is to provide the most effective and best-value consulting service available, giving you peace of mind and confidence with every step of your project.

MKT specialises in premium building surveying